Free CAM4 Tokens Adder / Generator 2014

CAM4 Tokens Adder finally released! This program uses some exploits in to add free tokens to your account.

1. Download and install latest .NET framework
2. Create CAM4 account.
3. Log in to your account.
4. Download and run CAM4 Tokens Adder.
5. Choose how many credits you want and what browser do you use.
*WARNING* Do not add more than 10.000 tokens/24h. It may make your account closed!
6. Add Tokens!
7. Spend them on anyone you want!

Why this File is Protected with Gateway?
-This file is protected with a Gateway. This protection is required to limit use of this software. Because of immense use of this free software we have to update this software more often. By putting a gateway we filter the people who really need this. Hence we get enough time to update this software and keep it working. Thank you for understanding us.

100% Working & Undetected as of:

NOTE: Due to abuse of the software, we decided to give 1 CAM4 Tokens Generator Per IP. Click the DOWNLOAD button to get your unique DOWNLOAD LINK.